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Furnas: what they are, benefits and places in São Miguel

First of all, “furnas” (hot springs) are increasingly sought after all over the world, either for the relaxing experience they provide or for their geological origin. Therefore, from the health area to tourism, there are several reasons that lead different people to seek these spaces every year. So, you can find out here what they are, benefits and places in São Miguel where you can try these relaxing baths in hot thermal waters.

What are “furnas” (hot springs)?

First of all, it is important to know what the “furnas” are. In a nutshell, they are geological formations that house thermal waters at great depths. In this way, the interaction of water with rocks over the years gives rise to thermal waters with therapeutic properties that, when they return to the surface, have temperatures between 37 and 50ºC.

What are the health benefits of hot springs?

As explained above, the contact of underground water with various minerals gives rise to thermal waters with very beneficial properties for health.

1. Moisturizes, cleanses and protects the skin;

2. Relieves stress;

3. Relaxes and fights sleep problems;

4. Relieves muscle pain;

5. Reduces headaches;

6. Heals acne and small lesions on the face;

7. Lowers blood pressure.

Depending on the mineral composition of the thermal waters, they may also contain other health benefits. For example, going to certain types of spas can have benefits in cases of digestive problems, anemia, inflammation, uric acid removal, allergies and kidney problems.

Furnas in São Miguel

Therefore, now that you know the benefits of these spaces, the island of São Miguel has several pools with hot thermal waters. In fact, on this island you can find one of the richest hydrological paradises in Europe: Vale das Furnas.

So, in São Miguel you have the following options at your disposal:

  1. Poça da Dona Beija;
  2. Parque Terra Nostra;
  3. Termas das Caldeiras da Ribeira Grande;
  4. Termas da Ferraria;
  5. Caldeira Velha.

During your visit, try to bring an older or dark colored bathing suit and towel, as the waters have an orange color that can stain fabrics. This is mainly due to the high concentration of iron in the water, which is very beneficial for health.

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