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6 tips for your trip to São Miguel

The island of São Miguel, in the Azores, is considered by many to be paradise on earth. The truth is that its landscapes are breathtaking, which puts the entire archipelago in the mouths of the world. So, if you are planning your trip to São Miguel, we have 6 tips to avoid mishaps and to make your visit unforgettable.

1. Prepare for all weather conditions

First of all, as the weather in the Azores can be unstable, it is best to pack your travel bag with this in mind. So, our advice is to wear practical, comfortable and waterproof clothing. You don’t need to bring very warm clothes, as temperatures are usually mild, even in winter. Also, choose comfortable shoes, as you may have to walk a lot – especially if you do some of the trails marked out in nature.

2. Visit for at least 5 days

Although it is possible to visit the island of São Miguel in less time, in order to truly discover the most stunning points of the island with ease, it is advisable to stay for more than 5 days. On your trip you will have several activities at your disposal, viewpoints to see, lakes to visit and trails to travel. So you won’t want to leave with the feeling of not having enjoyed the trip!

3. Take the opportunity to visit another Azorean island

Then you must visit one of the other 8 Azorean islands on your way to São Miguel. All of them are impressive and worth a visit. So, our suggestion is that you get to know the island of Faial or the island of Terceira, which have a surprising cultural and scenic heritage.

D.R.: Faial Island, Azores

4. Rent a car to travel around the island more easily

Fourth, a fundamental tip is to rent a car to travel around the island. Although there are other options, such as buses and taxis, they are not so practical to truly get to know São Miguel. However, do not forget to book a car well in advance, as this is a very popular service and vehicles are limited within the island.

5. Try the Azorean gastronomy

Next, you can’t miss tasting the typical dishes of the Azores. From the famous Cozido das Furnas to the steak à Regional or the delicious fresh fish, try to eat a little bit of everything. And, at the end of the meal, order a regional dessert or even a typical liqueur from the region!

6. Book your visit with us!

Finally, to have the best experience in São Miguel, you should book your guided tour with Into The Wild Azores Tours. In addition to promoting guided tours in the most emblematic areas of the island, we have certified guides that will make your trip memorable!

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